Tragödie des Euro - Leseprobe

Ab 18. August ist die Tragödie des Euro im Handel erhältlich. Hier eine Leseprobe.

Free shipping. The Tragedy of the Euro. 2nd edition. from Europe

I improved and updated the book that now deals with events up to the bailout of Portugal. The second edition has been published by Terra Libertas. The greatest advantage is that it ships from Europe (faster than before) and shipping is free. Here is the link.

Slovak edition: "The tragedy of the Euro"

On June 13th and 14th I presented the Slovak edition of my book in Bratislava and Zilina. Impressive what the Conservative Institute and INESS have done. Great work. I hope that the Slovaks will say no to the bailouts.

Master in Austrian Economics

Ever more frequently I get email from people interested in our highly successful Master in Austrian Economics. This year we have already 32 applications. Alumni of the Masters are setting up a website with information of the Master and want to organize even social meetings using the site. The fitting name is "La nueva Vienna". I am very proud that Madrid ever more seems to become the new Vienna. It is very exciting being part of this. So if you are interested in the new Vienna and the Master take a look on the website which will be extended.

Panel discussion on the Euro

I was on Russia today in a panel discussion on the Euro at Cross Talks with Peter Lavelle.

Banksterism Compared

I gave a speech in Bodrum at the annual meeting of the Property and Freedom Society meeting on May 27 2011. The tile is: Banksterism compared: the Fed and the ECB.

Deutsche Ausgabe: Die Tragödie des Euro

Die Tragödie des Euro, die deutsche Ausgabe von The Tragedy of the Euro kann jetzt beim FinanzBuch-Verlag vorbestellt werden.

Review of the Tragedy of the Euro in Spanish and German

My book was review in the German weekly Junge Freiheit and by Carlos Rodriguez Braun in Expansión.

Interview by Jeff Tucker

I was interviewed by Jeff Tucker at ASC on March 10th 2011. I talk about my academic carreer, my books etc.

Vorlesung an der Universität Münster am 12.05.2011

Am 12.05. von 08:15-9:45 werde ich an der Scharnhorststraße in der Vorlesung Makro von Prof. Thomas Apolte über die Österreichische Kapital und Konjunkturtheorie referieren.

Geldtagung in Zürich

Am 18. April werde ich in Zürich über mein Eurobuch und die Perspektiven des Euro sprechen. Auf der Geldtagung des Liberalen Instituts.

Prospects for the Eurozone

I will be speaking on March 24th on a panel on the future of the Eurozone organized by the Legatum Institute.

Rothbard Memorial Lecture 2011. Youtube

Watch here my Rothbard Memorial Lecture 2011 on Eliminating Monetary Externalities.

The O.P. Alford III Prize in Libertarian Scholarship

The O.P. Alford III Prize in Libertarian Scholarship is a $1000 prize awarded by the Mises Institute each year for the the article published in the preceding volume of Libertarian Papers that best advances libertarian scholarship, as chosen by the journal’s Editor and Editorial Board. There were forty-five articles were published in Libertarian Papers in 2010.

Interview at Cobden Centre

Here is an interview with the Cobden Centre Radio on my book The Tragedy of the Euro. I talk also about the future of the Euro.

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